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We are a fully independent and privately-owned insurance brokerage with over 30 years of experience. We help large corporate businesses small to medium enterprises and private clients to manage their risk.

We have grown to become one of Qatar’s largest and most capable insurance brokers. Today, our expert team represent many of publicly listed companies, private companies and individuals. Leveraging our superior service, industry knowledge and strong insurer relationships we have established ourselves as the value-added alternative to any competitor in the market.

We put your interests above our own, and above the interests of our insurance partners, because we believe that it is our ethical and legal duty to represent your best interest at all times.

Premium Insurance Broker (PIB) is a registered insurance broker authorized by Qatar Central Bank; Regulatory Authority to transact insurance business as an insurance broker.

It is our business to understand your unique insurance needs and match those needs perfectly with the available solutions offered by our trusted and highly reputable insurance partners

At Premium Insurance Broker (PIB) we take over your risk thus allowing you to be worry free.

We pride in our ability to deliver in all categories of insurance cover and compete aggressively to provide the best insurance packages available in the market place.


Just close your eyes and imagine how your life would be if you did not have to worry about anything at all….!!!! no worries about someone breaking into your house and getting away with your precious household goods, or someone bumping into your car, or your car being stolen, realizing that you and your luggage were unfortunately not on the same flight, your office building up in flames or being diagnosed with a terminal illness…!! Amazing, right? The fact is that we worry about these things frequently yet worrying cannot change anything neither does it add value and it’s toxic to our health.

At Premium Insurance Broker we believe that you deserve to live without worry and we are here to take over your risk.

Mahmoud K. Al-Taweel
Chief executive officer



Behind any successful organisation is a clear set of values, and PIB is no different. We have four key values that are reflective of where we are today and where we are going. We believe that if we succeed in doing them, then success will

Our Mission

Delivery of real insurance visions, to customers and people through their dealing with Premium Insurance Broker (PIB), and ensures clients achieve satisfaction, and to promote insurance awareness and leadership in integrated insurance products and solutions based on proper foundations.

Our Vision

Achieve excellence and leadership appointed, in small, medium and large businesses those who working in the insurance industry by providing high – quality services, and creative solutions.

Our Approach

We work as a strategic partner to your business and consistently focus on applying best practice risk management principles.

Core Values

As a company, PIB has always maintained a set of strict principles which we believe sets a benchmark standard for our industry. Our Core Values embody the fundamental beliefs of our organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help our employees understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help us determine if we are fulfilling our goals by creating an unwavering guide.
Our core values call for us to act honestly, responsibly, openly, clearly and in a co-operative manner, showing respect to all with whom we professionally interact.
Customer Focused
We develop every new initiative with our clients in mind. Clients’ interests and client’s confidentiality are uppermost and are always at the heart of what we do
To honestly represent the interests of our clients and insurers and treat them fairly without discrimination and to actively promote equality & diversity
Best People
Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business and ultimately our clients.
To be plain, clear and sincere in the giving of advice and in everything we do and to act within the law and demonstrate the professionalism required by our regulator and professional bodies
To be deserving of credit from both our clients and insurers.
Highest Quality
We are committed to making every experience our clients have with us reflect the highest quality and to consistently exceed client expectations.
Team Work
Respecting each individual and contributing equally to the success of the business.



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Accounting and Financial Manager


Sales & Marketing Manager


Deputy General Manager

Why PIB Insurance Brokers ?

The key to our approach is collaboration. We understand that no two clients, organizations or circumstances are the same. We specialize in offering tailored solutions to fit your requirements. It's important that we get to know you and your organization. We believe this is the only way to deliver high-quality services that suit your needs.
With access to a huge pool of skills, expertise and knowledge, we're confident that our team will be able to support you and your organization. Our people are empowered to make decisions. We place insurance aligned to your risks, rather than generic one-size-fits all policies.
As one of the Qatar's leading independent brokers, we can focus on delivering the best possible solution. Although we have close relationships with leading insurers, we work for you.
Straight talking
Insurance can be complicated, but we explain it to our clients in a language they understand. We truly are your trusted advisor.
Our expertise
Our experts cover a diverse range of sectors from property and construction through to Cargo and Financial Liability. A key part of our growth has been our investment in specialist sector knowledge. For you, this means that our team are able to draw on a vast range of knowledge for many industry sectors rather than providing generic off-theshelf packages that may not be suitable for your organization


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    Premium Insurance BrokerHeadquarters
    Our headquarters is at the heart of Doha. This is where we work on new solutions and groundbreaking products that make life better. And there’s a lot more to come.
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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    keep up to date with all our news and offers.
    Connect, follow and have a conversation with us
    Premium Insurance BrokerHeadquarters
    Our headquarters is at the heart of Doha. This is where we work on new solutions and groundbreaking products that make life better. And there’s a lot more to come.
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
    GET IN TOUCHPIB Social links
    Follow Us on Social Media.
    keep up to date with all our news and offers.
    Connect, follow and have a conversation with us

    Copyright by Premium Insurance Broker. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by Premium Insurance Broker. All rights reserved.